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Hi! I’m Hector, an Endurance Athlete
who loves sharing his fitness & nutrition findings
with others.

I’m an Ironman triathlete, passionate about endurance sports, nutrion and cookies.

In 2014 & 2013 I was awarded with the All World Athlete by Ironman. This year I’m working on improving my placment and getting closer to a spot at the Ironman Hawaii World Championship – a long life dream.

My background is sports is long. I started early; prescribed to be active by my Doctor at age 3 – he didn’t know what I would be capable of back then.

After all these years in sports I have learned to remain thruth to my passion and inpire others while doing what I love, train smart. Being active & eating healthy it’s my kind of life.

I keep myself busy taking photos and blogging. You can find my food photography and recipes at OurFreshKitchen; beware , my reputation as a cookie monster precedes me.

During the week I work as a Front End Developer & Designer, a job that represents another challenge itself.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela; currently living in Toronto, Canada.




Be Safe. Train Smart. Enjoy the Ride