Withdrawal from Ironman Louisville

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I was cruising the finishing line at Ironman Louisville thinking “I love this race, next year I will dominate it”. The race is only 12 weeks from today. As some start their last training block, and after a good conversation with my Coach Tommy, I’ve decided to withdraw […]

Woodstock Sprint Triathlon – 2016 Race Recap

If something was put into practice during Woodstock MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series Sprint Triathlon was my mental attitude. This was my first time racing as Male Pro – Elite Age Grouper. Having been diagnosed early in the year with Iron and Vitamin D deficiency, and not been able to run for 7 weeks due to […]

Injuries setbacks or lessons?

Every know and then I put aside some time to look back and reflect on life and its events. It’s not a coincidence that those events always happen on a recovery week, where training volume lowers while mind and body recover. It was in sports were I learned that winning is good. It’s there were […]

How the Olympic pursuit compares to office work

Each moment in the athletic career is memorable. They carry an unique value and reach farther than the athlete itself. Some moments are more valued than others. Some are forgotten quickly, others are remember for ever. Such is the case of the Olympic dream pursuit. Different from the World Championships, that are held every year, […]

The day I quit

With a projected worth of 19 billion dollars on wearable technology by 2019 sports are becoming a target for manufactures, they are are trying to find ways to improve our fitness by tracking better metrics, creating self flying drones (for sport marketing) and using smarter screens to display the data like the Recon Jet. Not […]

Workout Library

Just out of curiosity and in order to optimize coaching processes I’m searching for a solution to help both athletes and coaches when prescribing exercises & drills. Don’t be shy, share this form with your friends & athletes, the more the merrier. http://www.madebyhector.com/training/workout-library Fill out my online form. Use Wufoo templates to make your own […]

How athletic tape changed my life

This is the history on how a single piece of athletic tape has changed my injury prevailing and worsening training season to what appears to be a successful training one.

Training Peaks Swimming Data Analysis

The following is a true story about a triathlete that might have been me or not. I’ve been using Training Peaks for almost 4 years now. Swimming Data Analysis is something new to me though since I only got my Garmin 910xt just recently (a couple of months back). So here’s a story that you […]

4 tips to improve third week body adaptation

Performing endurance training produces a number of different adaptations in your body. Here are 4 tips to improve your training adaptation on the third week of a four week build cycle.

From the chair to a Grand Fondo

A few months back a good friend of mine call me to get some advice on how to get active. Minkel and I were team members of the Water polo Varsity Team. We were pretty active back then, swimming at 6am and doing our water polo practice at noon, all this while juggling with studies, […]